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Questions And Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘Christian counseling?’

I use this label to indicate that I am a Christian and I find benefit in the use of prayer, Scripture, and spiritual discussion within the counseling relationship. In addition, I am trained and licensed in the state of Texas to provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and other evidence-based treatment modalities. There is significant research demonstrating faith as a positive factor in mental health outcomes, and I believe all these ingredients can work together in a powerful way. I always check with my clients at the beginning of counseling about which aspects they are comfortable with, and I do not impose my own beliefs on clients. If you have any additional questions about this please feel free to contact me. 

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Do you offer telehealth (virtual) counseling?

Certainly! This option is favored by many clients as it enhances the accessibility of counseling. I utilize a secure platform and will provide you with a link prior to your session. 

How do I prepare for a telehealth session?

To ensure your privacy and maximize the effectiveness of your session, please locate a secure and tranquil environment where you can comfortably spend approximately an hour. Participating in a video session while driving or engaging with others is not advisable. Additionally, please ensure you have access to internet connectivity suitable for video calls.

Do you accept insurance?

Absolutely! Currently, I am affiliated with Medicare. In the very near future will be 3 more insurance companies. 

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